Mentions in Local Publications


Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020 Taneytown Record Articles:

–  September Taneytown Heritage Meeting – Guest Speaker Christine Lurk AKA “Miss Victory”

– ‘One More Round for George’ 7th Annual Golf Tournament Benefits Taneytown History Museum

–  “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” New Exhibit at Taneytown History Museum Opening April 19, 2020

–  Annual Holiday Ornament TH&MA, Inc.

–  Holiday of Trees, Wreaths & Centerpieces, November 20 – December 14, 2019

Oct./Nov. 2019 Taneytown Record Articles:

–  Taneytown Lorien Residents Present Gift to Taneytown Heritage & Museum Association, Inc.

–  Taneytown Heritage & Museum Association, Inc. News

Baltimore Sun/Carroll County Times Articles:

–  11-20-2019  Voting Begins for Holiday of Trees, Wreaths & Centerpieces

–  12-5-2019 Holiday of Trees, Wreaths & Centerpieces Returns as Fundraiser for Taneytown History Museum

–  12-11-2019 Four Days Left to Vote Holiday of Trees, Wreaths & Centerpieces

–  12-23-2019 Top Winners in town: Winners Announced for Taneytown History Museum

11-24-2019  Holiday of Trees, Wreaths, & Centerpieces Frederick News Post, Community

Aug./Sept. 2019 TH&MA News  Taneytown Record 

Aug./Sept. 2019 September 2019 Heritage Meeting   Taneytown Record

Aug./Sept. 2019 One More Round for George 7th Annual Golf Tournament   Taneytown Record  

07-3-2019 WWII Family Day Carroll County Times 

07-24-19 Museum 15th Anniversary Carroll County Times 

06-2019 Hudson Day Monocacy Valley Trading Post 

June/July 2019 TH&MA News   Taneytown Record  

June/July 2019 WWII Family Celebration Day    Taneytown Record  

June/July 2019 FSK School Yearbooks Needed   Taneytown Record  

04-2-2019 World War II article by Gabrielle Copeland  Carroll County Times

03-3-2019 article about the THMA upcoming Heritage Meeting  Carroll County Times


06-11-2018 article about Family Toy Day at the Taneytown History Museum  Carroll County Times

04-2018 Neighorhood section, did a feature article on the Century of Toys along with a picture on the front cover. A copy can be seen by the front door inside the History Museum  Carroll County Times


05-2016 There is a very nice video on The Carroll Media Center site!

04-2016 Carroll County Times  …..go to                 Scroll down to “Your Community”… click on “Taneytown” Scroll down to Taneytown heritage organization to host grand opening of new museum… click to watch video


07-25-2014 Carroll County Times article, Taneytown History Museum 10th Anniversary


05-03-2013 Carroll County Times “Museum, heritage committee continue to provide outreach”

02-14-2013 Carroll County Times “Report: Taneytown building deemed not ADA accessible for public use”

02-04-2013 Carroll County Times “Letter:”


12-26-2012 Carroll County Times “Honorable mention: ADA compliance complaints lodged during 2012”

12-16-2012 Carroll County Times “Bids roll in for decorated Christmas trees at Taneytown History Museum fundraiser”

11-14-2012 Carroll County Times “Taneytown Council extends Chamber of Commerce lease”

11-30-2012 Carroll County Times “Holiday of Trees returns to Taneytown”

11-25-2012 Carroll County Times “2012 Holiday Events”

11-08-2012 Carroll County Times “Contention arises over Taneytown building”

10-10-2012 Carroll County Times “Letter: Sad to see museum close”

09-22-2012 Carroll County Times “Three Taneytown entities looking for new home”

08-31-2012 Carroll County Times “Taneytown pays a visit to the 1800s”

08-16-2012 Carroll County Times “Taneytown History Museum Committee looks into its future”

08-09-2012 Carroll County Times “Taneytown council listens to museum proposal”

06-15-2012 Carroll County Times “Civil War artwork on display at Taneytown museum”

06-14-2012 Gettysburg Times “Gallon’s C.W. art featured”

06-19-2012 Carroll County Times “Dairy promoters visit museum”

05-29-2012 Carroll County Times “Heck learned passion for art from family”

05-20-2012 Carroll County Times “PETA wants voice in Taneytown Museum’s “Got Milk” exhibit”

05-17-2012 Carroll County Times “Taneytown Museum reopens with ‘Got Milk?’ exhibit”

05-14-2012 Carroll County Times “Taneytown Museum gets visit from Dairy Princess and Dairy Maids May 20”

05-05-2012 Baltimore Sun “Taneytown Museum milking local history for dairy, Civil War exhibits”

04-26-2012 Gettysburg Times “‘On the Way to Gettysburg’ exhibit in Taneytown”

03-15-2012 Gettysburg Times “Got Milk!”

03-07-2012 Carroll County Times “Taneytown History Museum to open March 17”


11-25-2011 Carroll County Times “Gwen Bounds: Holiday of Trees event returns to Taneytown museum”

11-24-2011 Gettysburg Times “Museum will host decorating contest”

11-19-2011 Carroll County Times “Taneytown shoppers search for elves”

10-01-2011 Carroll County Times “Wildlife artists on display in Carroll”

09-04-2011 Baltimore Sun “Local artists add familiar flavor to Taneytown exhibit”

09-02-2011 Carroll County Times “Taneytown History Museum display features area artists”


12-10-2010 Carroll County Times “Holiday of Trees at bank”

09-04-2010 Carroll County Times “Carroll’s manufacturing past shows numerous industries thrived locally over centuries”

08-20-2010 Carroll County Times “Taneytown History Museum closed until spring”

01-01-2010 Carroll County Times “Holiday of Trees winners”

01-01-2010 Carroll County Times “Holiday of Trees”


12-24-2009 Carroll County Times “Holiday of Trees winners”

11-27-2009 Carroll County Times “Holiday of Trees”

11-23-2009 Carroll County Times “Taneytown kicks off Holiday of Trees”

10-14-2009 Carroll County Times “Residents remember Taneytown history enthusiast”

08-15-2009 Carroll County Times “Taneytown history museum turns five”

08-15-2009 Carroll County Times “Taneytown history museum turns five Taneytown history museum turns five”

08-15-2009 Carroll County Times “Taneytown History Museum marks 5 years”

08-14-2009 Carroll County Times “Museum marking 5th anniversary”


12-05-2008 Carroll County Times “Holiday festivals around the area put spotlight on art”11-21-2008 Carroll County Times “History museum hosting Holiday of Trees”

06-28-2008 Carroll County Times “Real flowers take center stage in ‘Art is Blooming'”

06-20-2008 Carroll County Times “Floral displays interpret paintings”


05-18-2007 Carroll County Times “Legacy on display: Taneytown History Museum exhibit features artifacts from Civil War”


11-25-2006 Carroll County Times “Museum opens tree, ornaments exhibit”

05-11-2006 Carroll County Times “Smith not ‘Mad’ about success”


06-22-2005 Carroll County Times “Artists, exhibits to be featured”


08-15-2004 Carroll County Times: “Taneytown History Museum opens today”