Annual Holiday Ornaments

The 2023 Holiday Ornament is available.

Ornaments can be purchased for $12.00 .

Ornaments are available for purchase at:  Taneytown History Museum Gift Shop –340 East Baltimore St., Taneytown, Md. and by calling Sandy Crouse at 410-756-6077 or leave message at museum by calling 443-918-8687.


The 2023 ornament – 16th Edition features Taneytown Grain & Supply Co. This grain elevator was built in 1899 by Farmer’s Warehouse Co. Eventually it became Taneytown Grain & Supply Co. The original photo was taken in 1905 by Edward P. Zepp using glass negatives.

The 2022 ornament – 15th Edition features The Old Stone Tavern. Located on Frederick Street in Taneytown, Md, the old stone tavern is believed to be the oldest structure in town. Part of the tavern was torn down in the 20th century.

The 2021 ornament – 14th Edition features Antrim. Antrim Estate was built in 1844 by Major Andrew Ege, named in honor of Antrim County, Ireland. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, it is now a historic inn.

The 2020 ornament – 13th Edition features Taneytown Memorial Park. In 1949, Taneytown Recreational Assoc. purchased land and began development of a community park. The Mayor and City Council accepted responsibility for the park on Jan. 1, 1953, later naming it Taneytown Memorial Park to honor the residents who served in all wars. This is also the location of the town ball park.

The 2019 ornament – 12th Edition features Taneytown Theatre. Opening in 1903 as Hesson’s Department Store, the building was later remodeled with the theater on the first floor and a sewing factory on the second. It provided entertainment for several decades, closing in 1954.

The 2018 ornament – 11th Edition features Taneytown High School. Opened in 1926 with an addition added in 1946, Taneytown School served grades 1-11. In 1950 grades 1-6 left and grade 12 was added. 1950-1968 it was home of Taneytown Jr. Sr. High School. it was Taneytown Middle School from 1968-1974 and demolished in 1980.

The 2017 ornament – 10th Edition features Cambridge Rubber Company! The aerial view shows most of the early buildings of the large company. Beginning in 1936, the Blue Ridge Rubber Company produced casual and waterproof footwear. Completely destroyed by fire in 1942 and rebuilt in 1943, it became Cambridge Rubber Company in 1948 and continued production until closing in 1986.

The 2016 ornament – 9th Edition features Rainbow Roller Rink! Located at the entrance to Big Pipe Creek Park, Rainbow Roller Rink opened in 1940. The rink and refreshment area were on the upper level, duck and ten pin bowling were on the lower level.

Ornament 2016 Roller Rink

Past Year’s Ornaments

Add previous year’s ornaments to your collection!  We have a small number in stock from each year! Just stop in and ask, or Contact Us!

  • 1st Edition – 2008 – Baltimore Street about 1905
  • 2nd Edition – 2009 The Reindollar Co.
  • 3rd Edition – 2010 – Central Hotel early 1900’s
  • 4th Edition – 2011 – Taneytown Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 Inc. 1897
  • 5th Edition – 2012 – Taneytown School 1870
  • 6th Edition – 2013 – Sauble’s Inn
  • 7th Edition – 2014 – Old Taneytown Train Station
  • 8th Edition – 2015 – Opera House
  • 9th Edition – 2016 – Rainbow Roller Rink
  • 10th Edition – 2017 – Cambridge Rubber Company
  • 11th Edition – 2018 – Taneytown High School
  • 12th Edition – 2019 – Taneytown Theatre
  • 13th Edition – 2020 – Taneytown Memorial Park
  • 14th Edition – 2021 – Antrim Estate
  • 15th Edition – 2022 – The Old Stone Tavern
  • 16th Edition – 2023 – Taneytown Grain & Supply