2012 – Dale Gallon Civil War Artwork

The Taneytown History Museum exhibited prints on loan from Dale Gallon June 15 & 16 and June 22-24.

Gallon is known for his Civil War artwork, which reflects his attention to detail and historical accuracy. “His works are beautiful,” said Elaine Hoover, publicity chair woman for the museum. “Some of the works on display will be ‘Hancock’s Ride,’ which was commissioned by the U.S. Army War College; ‘A Sad Day to Us,’ which depicts Robert E. Lee returning to his office headquarters; and I like ‘Three Days of Gettysburg’ because it tells the story of the fifth and includes three pictures of the Confederates and three of the Union along with a map,” said Hoover.

Gallon, who was born in southern California, showed interest in art and military history at a young age. His first limited-edition Civil War print was released in 1980, and he moved to Gettysburg, PA, in 1984.

In a brochure, Gallon is quoted as saying, “I happen to live within a mile or two of where General Robert E. Lee led the Army of Norther Virginia into the pivotal battle of the war. The battlefield is my office. I don’t need much more inspiration.”

To view more of Gallon’s works, visit Gallon Historical Art Gallery, 9 Steinwehr Ave., Gettysburg, PA. His website is www.gallon.com